Radcliffe School NMB Trip to Kidzania

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Trip to Kidzania (Class I to IV)
Taking students into a new environment gives them the experience of travelling in a group and teaches them to be respectful of the locations they visit. When talking about a day hang out for kids what can be a better place than Kidzania. Students of I to IV std. were taken to KidZania Mumbai on 8th Dec 2016 where children got an environment that allows them to do what naturally comes to them i.e. role-playing by mimicking real-world adult roles. This indoor theme park with paved roads, buildings, vehicles, buildings, and a fully functional economy gives kids a slice of real world. Children had a gala time enjoying in Kidzania in different activities like Animation Studio, Aviation Academy, Art n Craft Studio, Barber Shop, Biscuit factory, Bottling Plants, Cereal Factory, Chocolate factory, Car dealership, Construction Company, Climbing Building and Many more.

They came back home talking, laughing and singing all the way.

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